Located a few meters away from the rocks that plunge into the Bay of Roses, witness to the comings and goings of fishing boats and right in the heart of the tourist hustle & bustle of the Costa Brava, guests will find the wooden dome of an architectural jewel which truly stands out, an oasis where time stands still and sensations are magnified. A place that harbours an explosion of aromas and flavours that can only be achieved by fusing the gifts of the sea with the extraordinary produce from our rugged land.

A space which, whilst being functional, its architecture unveils the personality and character of Marc Descloux. Lover and fervent defender of the culture and traditions of his homeland, he has restored the unique and iconic Catalan tiled flooring of the 19th century. 'A perfect floor to keep your feet on the ground'. The spiral dome, a wooden memoir inherited from his father and more typical of the Swiss mountains, inspires a touch of quirkiness where you can dream upon discovering something extraordinary within the classical method. 'Being speechless in the face of simplicity'.